Traitor Angel - H. David Blalock What if in the war between good and evil, good had to retreat and evil won. And what if the world did not know evil won but was convinced good had won. Well that is the world created by Blalock.

I always like find a new author who has created a new world for me to discover. Eventhough the fight between good and evil isn’t quite new, the world created by Blalock is. Not only does evil rule without people knowing it, the story is partly set in an advance virtual reality.

I really enjoyed Traitor Angel. It is a fast read, with lots of plotting, action and leaves a lot of questions unanswered. It felt like this was a build up to a great finale with the third installment.

I do recommend to read the first book in this series, AngelKiller, first. I haven’t read AngelKiller yet and at times I really felt I missed something. So I will be reading AngelKiller real soon.