Wallflower: Pray You Aren't Noticed  (Harbinger Mystery Series - Book 2) - Carolyn McCray No the blurb does not reveal a whole lot, I know, and I don't think I will let you know much more about the story. Why? Well If I have learned anything from reading Carolyn McCray's books it is you just need to read it.

The story starts off with action right away which had me on the edge of my seat right from the start. And fortunately that stayed that way throughout the story.

I love Kent, he is arrogant and bolt, but I am unable to hate him for it. Then there is his relationship with Nicole, who is quite the opposite from Kent, but they are so good together.

Carolyn McCray can come up with some of the most sick serial killers, it gives the story just that extra "creepy" factor which I love.

I thought that with Plain Jane (the first book in the series) Carolyn McCray surprised me with the ending, but I can tell you I did not see this one coming. There are lots of twist and turns in this story and the ending was a complete surprise. This with the high "creepy" factor this story has made for a very enjoyable story.