Pro Luce Habere: To Have Before the Light (On the Soul, #2) - Krisi Keley Valéry's story continues. We follow him trough the next few centuries up until the end of the first book On the Soul of a Vampire. Valéry has had to endure a lot over the past few centuries. Still trying to figure out who and what he is, he gets to endure a loss of a lovedone, but also gaines another.
I loved to see how Michel and Valéry met, knowing them from the first book it was nice to see how this close and strong relationship found it's origin.
Every year and event that passes in this book has a great significans in the way Valéry ends up as the man we know him in On the Soul of a Vampire.

Krisi has an awesome way with words. She captures the right tone set with the right century, not forgetting that Valéry is from a whole different time. It all fits so well together within the story.
Her characters are well developed and all very important. Everyone of them playes an importent part in Valéry's life and the choices he makes. This is a complex story but written in a way that it all makes sence. Everything told playes a significant part in the story.

I really love Valéry's story. It shows how events, that you have no hold on, can change everything. How every decision made by another can make a significant change in your life, but also in the way you make your decisions and can change someone elses life. But it also shows that it doesn't have to mean you don't have the power to change you own life or the way you make your own decisions and that there is always hope. And that all told in an amazing story.

This story ends at the same time the first book ends but gives us that little bit of more information that makes you want to read the next book in the series right away.

If you haven't read Pro Luce Habere volume I yet you can also read volume I and II as one book
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