Carpathia (Angry Robot)

Carpathia - Matt Forbeck After the Titanic hits the iceberg you think the survivors have left the worst part behind them, being rescues by the Carpthia, but there is something lurking in the shadows of the Carpathia and it is getting tired of hiding.

I really enjoyed reading Carpathia. It is a fast pasted read and I kept flipping the pages to see what would happen next. The vampires in this book are old school aka dangerous. They left the new country because they got careless and survival has always been keeping to themselves and hiding in the shadows for them. Now they are on their way to the old world to make sure they don't get exposed to the humans. But hiding on a ship full of humans might not have been their best idea and that is when people start to disapear.

I enjoyed reading Carpathia, although I was not a big fan of the characters. To be honost I did not like the characters at all. Also the love triangle was a bit much. However the writing and the story make up for that part. This was a quick read and highly enjoyable if you like a scary read, that is not to serious.