Back from the Dead

Back from the Dead - Peter Leonard *This review contains spoiler from the first book Voices of the Dead*

I was not expecting a sequel to Voices of the dead so I was quite surprised when I got the review request, don't get me wrong it was a very pleasant surprise.
Back from the Dead picks up soon after Voices of the Dead ends. Harry is under the presumption Hess is dead and he is able to pick up his normal life. But it seems faith did not grant Harry the time to grieve over the loss of his daughter. Hess is back and will do anything to finish what he started.

Again Peter Leonard has written a strong story. He just knows how far to go without going over the edge. The same characters from Voices of the Dead make their entree in Back from the Dead. Again this story is full of action and the writing makes the story come alive.

I very much enjoy Peter Leonard's books and I can honostly say I can not wait to read more books written by him.