Kept  - Zoe Winters This novella is a free read on Zoe Winters' site.

The story is about Greta a werecat who finds out she is going to be sacrificed by her tribe. She's send to an 'evil' sorcerer named Dayne for protection.

I liked the characters and mostly the interaction between them.
The story is well written and considering this is a novella the characters are well developed and believable.
I liked that they have that mistrust in each other, but have this great chemistry at the same time.
The characterization of Greta's catness was just great and Dayne trying to maintain his bad rep -while being....well kinda cute actually- was really funny.

The bad guy kinda lacked something....but since he didn't get much page filling it didn't bother me too much.

I really enjoyed it.
This is a really fun and fast read.