Storm Front (The Dresden Files, #1) - Jim Butcher Meet Harry Dresden, a wizzard for hire, a private investigator sort of and he's a consultant for the police department whenever something just doesn't look 'human'. Harry isn't your typical hero, a bit more a anti-hero. Don't get me wrong he know's what he does but it just goes wrong most of the time and what goes right mostly is by accident. He doesn't date much, has bad luck with woman so he says, he has an (enormous) cat named Mister, and he has a fire spirit named Bob, who lives in a skull and helps Harry with his wichcraft. And he has some sort of evil 'babysitter' named Morgan following him everywhere, since he killed another wizzard with magic and well murder with magic means the dead sentence, but since it was supposed to be out of self defence he got another chance and Morgan watching his every step.

Harry is called in by the police for a consultation on a double murder to see if he can figure out who or what did this and how. To him it's quite obvious it's black magic. And because of his past there are (otherwordly) people who suspect him. So now he has to help the police solve this crime but more importantly he has to clear his name. He is also helping a lady to find her husband, he assumes he's run of with another woman......but is that really the case. And on top of that someone has sent a demon after him just when he's having a date, the first one in a very long time.

This book is what you get when you mix a detective with the supernatural and add in some humour. It's fun and has all the good thing that come with a great detective/crime novel and you have your wizzards, fairy's, vampires and demons.