Night of the Vampires - Heather Graham If it isn't bad enough the civil war is going on there is a much greater threat.........rouge vampires.

Megan Fox, a half breed vampire is send to Washington D.C. to help put a stop to the spreading of 'the disease'. Here she meets up with her half brother Cody who's joined forces with the Texas sheriff Cole. Cody, also a half breed doesn't know he has a sister and she isn't exactly welcomed with open arms. They believe soon enough that she is Cody’s sister but can they trust her? Cole especially is weary of trusting her. When Abraham Lincoln himself sends Megan and Cole to Harpers Ferry to put a stop to the spread of the disease, they need to rely on each other to survive.

The chemistry between Megan and Cole is great, the attraction is obvious but the issue is trust. Cole doesn't know he can trust her since she is half vampire, although he would trust Cody with his life. The attraction just gets bigger between them when the story developed.

While certain events take place Megan is beginning to believe that her and Cody's father (fully vampire) is fighting along beside them. While the others are (very) skeptical about this, she is getting more and more convinced.

This was my first novel by Heather Graham and I really liked it. It's well written, suits the time it's written in, the characters are well developed and it’s fast pasted from the beginning, not a dull moment in this story. I already got a few other books by Heather Graham added to my wish list.

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