On the Soul of a Vampire - Krisi Keley The story begins with Valéry an 800 year old vampire who notices a young woman named Angelina. He's immediately drawn to her. Valéry tries to figure out his infatuation with her from a safe distance. We learn that these two already have a connection. Angelina knows what and who Valéry is, she has had dreams of a time long ago in which she never lived and the things she dreams about are of a life she couldn't possibly know, Valéry's life. This only makes Valéry more intrigued by her and he wants answers. How does she know all these things?
The chemistry between Valéry and Angelina is wonderful. Valéry is keeping himself in check when he's around her not wanting to hurt her but he also gets pretty annoyed and angry when Angelina is being quite cryptically because he wants answers and she just gives him riddles.

At the end of this novel all the puzzle pieces fall into place and you get these answers questioned.

This is not your typical vampire novel. Theology came to my mind when I read this novel. It makes you think. But not just for Valéry but the things described in this novel make you think about different aspects of life, love and believe. Keley's writing is great, the story gripped me from beginning to end I was just as annoyed and frustrated at times as Valéry was with Angelina. And I love that, I want to feel the same way as the characters are feeling. I'm looking forward to reading more by Krisi Keley.