Darkfever (Fever #1) - Karen Marie Moning I read this one to see what all the hype was about. Everybody was just crazy about the Fever series and I wanted in. But I wasn't all to impressed by this one. Perhaps because my expectations were a bit high and it is a first in a series so there's a lot of explaining.

So why don't I start off with the things I liked.
I liked the girly Mac. I liked the fact that she likes to polish her nails and wears girly clothes. There aren't a lot of heroines out there who are girly like that. And she keeps it up true out the book she doesn't completely change herself when she is thrown in this new world. I liked the fact that she had such a great relationship with her sister that she would go halfway around the world to go and try to find her sisters killer.
KMM really does a great job at the world building. It does come with a lot of explaining but it's necessary to make sure everything falls into place. The Lore and everything and everyone that comes with it really gets its place this way.

And then we come to the things I didn't like all too much.
Mac is a heroin who really does the opposite of what she is told and sometimes it even gets a bit annoying I know that a story with a compliant heroine would suck but does she have to make so much wrong turns?
Then what's up with Barrons? He's kind of an ass. And I was expecting some chemistry between Mac and Barrons but for me it wasn't really there. Ok and then the last thing that really made me that kind of had me going Huh? Aliens.....yes aliens. And that’s all I'm gonna say about it.

So I wasn't all that impressed by this one but I do think this series has potential. And not because everyone said it is such a great series, but because the story is kind of intriguing. I haven't read any Fea book only books with Fae as a side character and I must say I like this Fae world. Also it's a dark world nothing pretty about it and I can appreciate that. No cuddly vampires this time.

I already have Bloodfever on the shelf and will definitely read it.