Tempest in the Tea Leaves - Kari Lee Townsend Tempest in the Tea Leaves is the first book in Kari Lee's new series.

Sunny leaves her parents house to live in an old Victorian home in a small town called Divinity and start her own business in fortune telling. In her first reading for the town librarian she sees the woman getting murdered. She informs the police and just as she predicted the woman is murdered. The detective on the case Mitch Stone is a non-believer and Sunny put herself right on top of the suspect list. Well she is the only suspect to be exact. The major of the of Divinity, who is a believer and wants this murder solved as soon as possible, makes Sunny and detective Stone work together to get to the bottom of this.

Sunny is one quirky but very likeable character. And her name fits her well since she's a funny, positive and upbeat. What I liked most about her that she isn't your typical 'detective' you read in cozy mysteries. No she really has no clue what she's doing. She blurts out every clue and evidence in front of other people and she gets into the much funny situations every time she does her 'detective thing'. You kind of have to feel for detective Stone to have to work with her on this case.
This makes for some fun scenes between Sunny and detective Stone who seemed to be as annoyed with each other at times as they are attracted to each other. I'm looking forward to see how this relationship works out.
And let’s not forget Morty. The mysterious big white cat who kind of came with the house. I am definitely looking forward to learning more about him.

This is a great, light and fun read. Kari had me laughing out loud a few times. It's a whodunit with a hint of paranormal, with Sunny reading someone's future and even seeing it in front of her.
I didn't figure out who it was until somewhere near the end of the book so that makes this a great whoduit for me (I hate figuring out haf way to the book who it is)

I can recommend this book to any lover of cozy mysterie. I'm looking forward to reading the second book in Kari's Fortune Teller Mystery series.