Eyewall - H. W. Buzz Bernard Let me start off by saying I'm like the world’s biggest sucker for "disaster" movies so when I found this book I was actually jumping in my seat.

This book is three storylines who all come together. One is about a US air Force hurricane hunting team who has the task of flying through hurricane Janet to collect data, but this goes terribly wrong. The second is of a family who is on vacation on St. Simon Island and are looking for their missing daughter and get stuck on the island as the storm hits. The third is of the meteorologist who finds out that hurricane Janet isn't what she seems to be and who risks his career to tell on national television for people to evacuate.
As you can see that does take after the "disaster" movies we all know. Also the awkward relationships are in this book. (but thank God no working with the ex-wife/husband because that one is getting way too old) There is the unanswered love of a coworker who has a bad marriage and a blooming may-december love which starts off by the woman offering sex so the man won't go for the booze.
I do want to say the characters in this book aren't as bad as they mostly are in the movies. No these characters are actually well developed. I was feeling for these characters and hoping they would make it out alive

I can say I really enjoyed this book. It's a fast-paced thriller which grabs you from the first page and doesn't let go until the last page. The information in this book is quite technical but well explained and there's not too much to make it boring. Actually it was quite interesting and I for one am hoping he will write more of these books.