Pro Luce Habere (To Have Before the Light) Volume 1 - Krisi Keley This is the second installment of the On the Soul series and is a prequel to On the Soul of a Vampire.

In Pro Luce Habere we go back in time to 1212, when Valéry is just a 14 year old boy set out to join a children’s pilgrimage together with his best friend Noël. For the first part of the story we follow Valéry in this pilgrimage where they encounter hardship, shipwreck, loss of friends and the betrayal that comes to make him a slave. Four years later after being nearly beaten to death he is saved by Lukios, an ancient vampire, but at a terrible price which Valéry isn’t sure he wanted to pay.
After this we travel with Valéry on a journey through Europe over a period of three centuries where Valéry tries to discover who and what he is now.

Valéry is a well developed character who is struggling with his believe and trust in God, but also with his identity, who he is and who he has become as a person. Due through his struggle and the beautiful writing you come to care deeply about him. But not just the main character Valéry, but also the other characters who show up in this book are really well developed.
Krisi’s writing is so rich and sets the right tone for the story and the time periods in it, to the tee. It sucks you in and doesn’t let you go even after you read the last page.

Like I sad in my review of On the Soul of a Vampire, this is not your typical vampire novel. the things described in this novel make you think about different aspects of life, love and believe. And for me it meant I look different to things that happened in my life and choices I made in my past.

I for one can't wait for the next installment of the On the Soul series.