Bad Taste in Boys - Carrie Harris What would you do when you find out your school becomes infected with a zombie virus. Yeah a normal person would make sure they run and stay away. No not Kate Grable, she is going to do what ever it takes to find a cure for this desease.

I enjoyed this book so much! It's a total zombie book but it is hilarious at the same time. While reading I was laughing out loud numerous times. This is a fast and easy read and I can not think of someone who would not enjoy this book. It's a total hoot.
Look don't read this book if you're looking for a serious zombie read because you are not going to find it reading this book. But if you want something entertaining this is the book to read.

I think Kate is one of my favorite characters I've read. She is a total nerd, she has a brain and she uses it wisely, she's funny and knows how to kick some zombie butt. Kate isn't someone you would picture being a heroine but she is definitely my favorite one.

This is the type of book you pick up when you're feeling down and when you finish it you will feel better immediately. Or just pick it up for a good laugh and lots of fun!