Flip This Zombie - Jesse Petersen Sarah and David started their own little zombie killing business. True notes left in camps they get their 'jobs'. And they get one from dr. Kevin Barnes, but he doesn't wannt them to kill the zombies but catch them and bring them back to his lab. But how do you catch a zombie? And what's up with all these 'bionic zombies' everybody keeps talking about?

This is a fun and quick read. Although it isn't as funny as the first in this series Married with Zombies. The story is told from Sarah's point of view. She is still her girly girl zombie ass kicking self. She and David still pick lots of fights and sometimes they got a bit annoying, they seriously fight over everything. On the other hand the zombie killing got way more professional, they went from toiletseats to axes and shotguns. This and the fact that made a business out of killing zombies gave this a more serious and dark tone to the story. This combined with a lot of action and some serious humerous dialogues made me flip page after page.

I did like the story itself better then Married with Zombies. The adding of the mad scientist and the mystery of the 'bionic zombies' definitely gave something extra and made sure there were some creepy zombie moments. The plot wasn't really surprising, you could see it comming from miles away, but non the less still entertaining