Between Seasons - Aida Brassington The story starts of with Patrick's dead and Patrick trying to figure out why he's stuck in the house and not in Heaven like he's supposed to be. The real story starts when Sara comes and live in the house. Without knowing it Sara gives Patrick the feeling he isn't alone anymore and the fact that Sara talks to herself makes for some entertaining conversations between the two and Patrick starts to fall in love with her.

This is a sweet love story which made me laugh out loud and also made me sad at times. Aida Brassington did a great job with the characters. Patrick is a teenager from the seventies and everything he says/thinks reflex this. He's also a really sweet guy. You can't help but feel for him when he's trying to figure out why he's stuck there and when his parents leave him. Sara had a nasty divorce and moves to escape her past and to try and start over. Being in that house gives them both the feeling they are not alone and that is where this impossible relationship starts to blossom.

The story takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions and is written in a way that makes you flip page after page just to see if Patrick will ever be able to get free from the house. The ending of this story is a big surprise, I did not see this coming and it's a great twist to the story. The sad thing is it ended so abrubly. But there will be a seque so there is more to come.