Amongst My Enemies - William F. Brown Mike Randall ends up in the hands of the Germans after his bomber goes down. He and his friend Eddie survive the crash but Eddie does not survive the war. After several months Mike takes a chance and hides in a U-boat to try and get out of the hell he's been in. He's found on the U-boat but the captain lets him go at the coast of (neutral) Sweden. But before the captain and his crew are able to return to the safety of the sea they get hit twice by a English bomber and are lost. And so is the cargo that was on the sub and Mike is now the only person who knows what happened to this U-boat and what it's cargo was.

This is a very well writen novel. There was a lot of attention for the different characters in it and they all get their own voice in this story. Everyone of the characters that comes along in this story is as important as the next. Because the story is told from more then one perspective you get a better overview of the whole story. It is not only Mikes side of the story, but you get the Germans and Russians side too. At the moment Mike finally decides it is enough and tells his story you see all these different voices come together in their search for the U-boat and all with their own motives. Because every character has his own strong voice the switching between perspective doesn't slow this story down a bit.
It is not really hard to figure out who are the good guys and who the bad guys and eventhough there were no huge surprises in the plot, the way this story was told was so strong that neither does any harm to this story.

This is not an easy read, but Brown has a great way of storytelling and this combined with an intriguing and captivating story full of engaging and unique characters, makes this book hard to put down.