Voices of the Dead - Elmore Leonard, Peter Leonard This was a story which was hard to put down and I read it in a day. Harry Levin wants to get justice for the dead of his daughter. But the drunk driver who killed her is a German Politician named Hess and is granted immunity. He follows Hess to Germany. This also brings back memories of the Holocaust which Harry barely survived. In the pursuit of his daughters killer he finds out something even more disturbing about Hess that will put his own life and that of the people around him in danger.

The moment I started this story I kept flipping page after page, I was unable to put it down. This is a fast read, but due to the subject not really an easy read. This story does not only get into the pursuit of Harry for his daughters killer, but also the events that took place 30 years earlier when Harry escaped from ending up in a mass grave, literally.
Eventhough Harry and Hess form the major players in this story, the story is told from many points of view. This gives you a great overview of everyting that is happening. Peter Leonard makes sure all these different characters have their unique voice and you don't get confused by all these different points of view.
Because of all the different points of view, you can see some of the twists coming, but due to the fast pace of this story it did not bother me and takes nothing away from the plot of this story.
The story takes place in 1971 and Peter Leonards writing style suits that time really well. And this together with a wel written story makes this a novel that will appeal to any-one who can enjoy a good thriller.

Voices of the Dead is a fast paced and action packed novel full of unique characters, which will keep you flipping the pages.