Born Wicked  - Jessica Spotswood I must say this story actualy surprised me, well not the story itself, but that I actually finished it. When I was 90 pages in I was sure that I knew what was going to happen further on in the story. And for a few not so important surprises, that was exactly what happened. But Jessica Spotswood's writing style kept me reading. Also at first I was terified all I was going to get was a love triangle and quarreling sisters, but both weren't all too bad.

The story did not surprise me very much and the characters weren't that surprising either. Cate is the oldest and over protective of her sisters and it gets to the annoying side, these girls seriously aren't allowed to do anything. So ofcourse they do everything they are told not to.
Then there is the love triangle. Why is it here? It is obvious which way the love story will go in this book, why is there a second love interest? There is no use for him in this book. I sure do hope he gets a little something to do besides being pretty in book two.

That's just the problem with this story, everything is just too predictable.

But like I said I did finish the book and that was due to the writing style, it suited the world the story is set in very well. It is set in a alternate history set in the early 20th century in New England and the mood of this story is just right.
And that is all I liked about this story, but I do think there are a lot of people who will like this book. Because if you do enjoy a sweet love story, than this book will give you just that.