Bone Wires - Michael Shean I absolutely loved the premise of this story and the story itself did not disapoint.

Dan Grey works as a homicide detective and dreams of a big break (or a sexy case as he calls it) so he can get his Amber badge. And this happens when he gets three homicides in the same week. Working to solve these cases with limited resources Dan will find out not everything is what it may seem.

Dan Grey is a character that can annoy the hell out of me but not enough that I dislike him. He is a good detective with his heart in the right place that has some serious jealousy issues. He wants to get up the corporate ladder and the sooner the better.

I liked the world created by mr. Shean. This whole world about a corporate police department is a very unsettling thought, I mean it isn’t great to know the ploce will solve crimes only to make profit. The police here also think that they are better then the other just by their rank and please don’t let anybody higher in rank get on your case because that is bad. Yeah teamwork isn’t a big part here in solving crimes.

I really did get annoyed by the fact that seemingly a lot of people here are very beautiful and this isn’t stated ones but numerous times.

Due to the horrific crimes and the strong language in this book I can definitely say this is not a book for everyone, but if you can handle it I can recommend this to you because it is a fast read, a good story in a great, but unsettling world.