Kingdom (Tiber City, #1) - Anderson O'Donnell Kingdom is a debut by Anderson O’Donnell en with Tiber City he has created a gritty disturbing world set in the near future.

The story is told from different point of views and this makes sure you get to see the whole thing from all the different angles this world has to offer.

The two characters that stick out the most are Jonathan Campbell a geneticist and cofounder of Morrison Biotech and Dyland Fitzgerald, the son of the late US senator. Both characters have a self destructive lifestyle and dealing with their own issues. You I’m not a big fan of troublesome characters but O’Donnell knows how to make sure these two fit into the story with giving the problems the upper hand.

But what I found to be the best part of this book was this gritty and disturbing world O’Donnell created with Tiber City, genetic experiments to decipher the ‘Omega gene’ the one thing they think will help create the perfect human being.

This was not a fast read and I really needed to pay attention while reading it. But that was no problem at all. O’Donnell’s writing and worldbuilding makes sure you keep interested en flipping the pages to see what will happen next.
This is the first installment in his Tiber City series and I must say I’m looking forward to his next installment.