Spook House - Michael  West Spook House is a spooky read which keeps you on the edge of you seat. It’s a perfect Halloween read and definitely not for the squeamisch.

In the small town of Harmony strange things are happening. In an old house a man disappears and his girlfriend is attacked by something she can only discribe as a spider dog. And these are not the only people who get attacked and a man is on his way to Harmony with nothing good on his mind.

Spook House is a fast read. It was really hard to sat the book aside once I started reading. Micheal West makes sure you are sucked into the tory and just doesn’t let go. I was sitting on the edge of my seat just to see if they would survive.
The writing is smooth and gives the story that extra spooky atosphere which makes this such a great Haloween read. Also I liked the characters, I didn’t have a moment where I thought they should die just because of the stupidity that characters may have in horror stories and I am good to be cheering for someones death when it comes to stupidity and characters.

Allthough this is the third book in a series that’s not a problem to enjoy this story. Spook House is the first book I read by Michael West and I absolutely enjoyed this one and will definitely be picking up his other books.