Tideline - Penny Hancock When I received this book and read the backcover I wasn’t all to eager to read it. But once I started reading Tideline I was pleasently surprised. This story is wel written and the ending holds a big, but disturbing surprise.

The 15 year old Jez stops by the River House to borrow some music and that is when Sonia desides she wants to keep him there because he reminds her of an old lost love, Seb. While taking care of Jez and keeping him a secret for her family and friends, she is remembering her lost love which leads to a disturbing secret.

The biggest part of the story is told form Sonia’s point. The other narrator in this story is Helen, a friend of Sonia’s and the aunt of Jez, who gives the story a whole other feeling. While Sonia is busy keeping Jez a secret, Helen is busy being jealous of her sister since she is getting all the attention now her nephew is missing. So where Sonia is busy being all caring towards Jez, Helen is actually somewhat less caring about her nephew being missing. This is also what makes Sonia a likeabe character eventhough her actions.

Penny Hancock has written a story which holds a disturbing atmosphere which makes sure you flipping the pages to see what goes on in Sonia’s head.
While Sonia goes back and forth between the present and the past a big secret unfolds. I can’t help but love a story which surprises me this big eventhough it is quite the disturbing revelation.

This is a great debut and I am looking forward to Penny Hancock's next novel.